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My friend purchased a Christmas present online for me so I decided to do the same. She sent me the link to the jersey she wanted and I bought it and thought everything would be okay.

I got a confirmation e-mail not from nflfootballshop.us but from globefastpay.com saying that they took out money from my card that I gave but amount can change due to the foreign exchange rate. So my email said i was charged $ 46.49, then on my card statement it said $ 49.43, which I accepted because it did say the amount can change.

Then suddenly i got charged another 1.48 transaction for international fees. OK, what pissed me off was that first the amount can change which it did change an additional $3.00. which was okay because I got a warning saying it could change. But then another 1.48 without any warning? I shouldn't have surprise charges, for all I know they can charge me 20 times for charges for who knows what!!!

THey provided an email if I had any questions "cs@globalccpay.com" and guess what, I clicked on it and e-mailed them TWICE and my email got sent back. That was when I started freaking out. I looked them up on websites and their website is very unsafe!!

I called my bank and filed a claim. I really hope this website shuts down. They don't even have a contact number!!! How am I supposed to e-mail them if their e-mail gets sent back to me and I can't even call them, this screams scam to me!! I had to order a new card just in case they have my card info.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Such a scam I have been emailing them, I have gotten responses but you can tell this its not a legit website. They sent me a tracking number after days of harrassing them.

Then the website to track is asking for a verification code which I was NOT provided.

it's some *** stealing from people . I am so upset !!!!!


Was your bank able to help you in anyway? I have the exact same problem and am currently disputing the charge with my bank hoping they can cancel the transaction.


Sorry I forgot to add that I got no shipping confirmation since December 2 and right now its December 9.

to Anonymous #1076697

total SCAM....Just open my third claim with the bank. Keep a check on your account they'll charge your account again.

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