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I had the same issues as all of you. Black Friday add pops up on FB.

My wife shows me, I ordered 2 Jerseys. Got an email confirming my payment. When it cleared my card statement it was more than expected. Said exchange rates.

Ok, giving the benefit of doubt, it's still cheaper than paying full price. The email had mentioned that a tracking number would be sent in 24 to 48 hrs. A week goes by still nothing. So I try to contact them.

The email comes back, marked domain nonexistent. I do some research find alot of complaints. So I call the bank cancel my card go through the whole spill of getting a new card. Filling fraud charges.Then I Recieved my Jerseys today!

They are very nice! I hope things work out for all of you!

The communication should have been better, I'm sure they got slammed with orders on Black Friday, with prices like that. But now I'm very happy.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I got scammed with this company 3 weeks ago and NOTHING...it is a scam I've turned them in..they scammed me...plz email me at krssangel@msn.com was your site you orderded from from China? and was it nflfootballstores.us

to Anonymous #1078348

It was from China. It was nflfootballshop.us When I received it the address was From Quing Ping Rd. Shanghai China.

to Anonymous #1078799

You received the Jersey though? Should I be worried and cancel and change my card?

Or will the Jersey be arriving late, due to a lot of orders? I still have not received any tracking number or email back after attempting to contact them 3 times.

to Anonymous #1079650

I never received an email NOTHING FROM THEM..still dealing with this. They finally send me tracking info on a reply email I sent them and that site looks fake as well..This is soo frustrating as it was my kids Christmas presents.

Mine is a little diff site but I bet it's the same company.

I really hope mine gets resolved! what a mess and never again will I do this or trust ordering from internet.

to Anonymous #1079667

It is the same site as I used they have two different names but same site..they are nflfootballstores.us and nflfootballshop.us

to Anonymous #1079502

I placed an order through nflfootballstore.us about 3 weeks ago and still have not received my jerseys. First I was told that one of the jerseys w were out of stock and they were checking another location them they finally sent me the tracking number.

Please email me at akeahogan@yahoo.com did you ever get a tracking number. They also sent me a link for the China shipping tracking.

to Anonymous #1079665

I ordered Nov 28th and still have NOTHING from this company they never emailed me or nothing after order they took my money same day it was gone outta my acct it was more than I had agreed to as well and another charge. I have contacted them via email as only way to get them and told them "they are fraud' fraud site and i want my money back they told me my items were shipped but no tracking info.

then sorry it was outta stock and trying to get from another warehouse. now give me a tracking # on a reply message of me threatening them again and it seems like a fake china website again.

I have turned this into the IPRcenter for theft but haven't heard anything back yet..lets chat and keep in touch so we can get this figured out and shut dwn. Thanks, Crystal here is my email krssangel@msn.com


I haven't received mine yet but they finally gave me tracking info after I contacted them three times.

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